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Steam Train Rides

Enjoy a 40-minute steam train ride along the Loop Line from historic Thirlmere Station. Ride behind a variety of locomotives across the weekend. Steam train rides depart Thirlmere Station throughout the day.

Bookings essential.

NSW Rail Museum

The NSW Rail Museum comes to life with an array of steam, including several historic steam locomotives, live model steam engines, full-size and miniature steam traction engines and a display of vintage machinery. Plus, don’t miss roving performers, mini-train rides, railway art displays and more!

Bookings essential.

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Afternoon Family Fun

From 3.00pm you can join in the fun at Thirlmere Sportsground. Relax with your family and friends and enjoy some live music, carnival rides and more.


For all NSW Rail Museum related enquiries, including steam train rides, call 1300 11 55 99.